Construction and Operation-Energy Sources, Infrastructure

Priority is played by renewable Sources-EE and E-mobility
PV systems, Wind Turbines, Energy Storage
EE infrastructure and E-mobility Charging infrastructure 22kW and 50 kW
Combined heat and power plants (CHP plants)

Project management and Engineering

Analysis, Proposals for an optimal technical-economic Solution in EE and E-mobility-Charging Station 22kW and 50 kW
Advising and Financing projects in The Energy Sector
Cooperation with scientific Institutions and Universities


Service and Maintenance of Energy Systems and Infrastructure-EE and E-mobility
Management and Control of Charging infrastructure
Measurement and Analysis of managed Assets and Equipment


The energy industry outlook by 2030 Between now and 2030, it is expected that, according to the sustainable development criteria of the IPCC experts (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) and the International Energy Agency’s annual report, the energy mix will see a 30% consumption of oil as the primary energy source, compared with 34% in 2007. As for natural gas, this will supply 20.5% compared with 20.9% today. Coal will contribute up to 16.6% of the total compared with its current 26.5%. Nuclear energy will provide 9.5% compared with 5.9% now, and renewable energy will increase to 23.4% compared to the current 12.7%. Innovation in the field of sustainable technology and research into new ressource deposits are at the heart of this transformation. The key for specialized industrial groups is to be able to manage the continuity of the energy mix at a competitive price while still maintaining a balance.

Power energy DEVELOPMENT

  • Self-sufficiency
  • Security

NEW TECHNOLOGIES – sources, transfer

  • Analysis of current state, suggesting optimal technical and economical solution
  • Project activities


  • Making investments and providing consultancy
  • REALIZATION turnkey projects or projects in cooperation with a klient and following client’s purchase from the company
  • SERVICE and upkeep – job opportunities, education

The company has managed projects that have different complexity levels and complex scope issues in traditionally complicated market areas such as, middle Europe. The results that we have achieved in such difficult markets give our clients the confidence to hand over their project needs and the peace of mind that all their requirements will be successfully fulfilled.

Specifically, associated services include

  • Master Planning, Definition of Project Specifications and Project Initiation
  • Functional Brief Development and Management
  • Cost Management and Reporting
  • Schedule Management
  • Quality Management
  • Contract Administration
  • Construction Monitoring
  • Commissioning and Handover
  • After-sales services (via selected local partners)


BEE GmbH. is a combination of business and technical company dealing with energy cost savings. We provide energo consulting focused on an optimalization of heating system or rather a thermal management. An important part of our work is making individual technical solutions, for example FVE solar systems or so called „energy mix“ in the area of building and running local sources (including LDS- local distribution system). These sources do not depend on distribution system of dominant suppliers on the energy market. This enables us to make big savings on annual cost especially in those operations with a high enery consumption (up to 50% annual savings).

We speak English, German and Russian.


  • Complex energo consulting
  • Energy and economical self-sufficiency
  • Cost savings in energy and heat supplies
  • Supporting investments in solar systems and in local energy sources EVM, including LDS
  • Above standart, reliable and professional service with maximum after-sale service


  • To become energeticaly and economicaly independent
  • To buy cheaper electric power and natural gas
  • Solar systems FVE (power generation) – building
  • Local sources EVM (heat and power generation) including building and running LDS
  • Business consultancy not only in the area of system financing and source generation


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Company managament

Dipl. Ing. Martin Beutl, MBA
Marketing, PR
Hana Beutlova

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